Smartlinx and Rain Team Up


Make it easy for your employees to access wages when they need them. 

Rain and SmartLinx are teaming up to provide our customers with a zero-cost option benefit for their employees - early wage access, without any technical implementation required. 

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Provider Freedom. Employee Flexibility.  

30% of employees already use same day pay providers. 
With seamless integration, SmartLinx can free you up from unnecessary payroll reconciliation or accounting paperwork. 
Enjoy peace of mind knowing Rain ensures your employees can’t overdraw. 

Keep Your Healthcare Workers Happy with Same Day Pay 

  • Improve employee satisfaction, performance, and retention by giving them quick access to earned wages. 
  • Employees can withdraw their earnings through the Rain app with the ability to transfer to their bank account. 
  • The Rain app gives employees easy access to their earned wages any time before payday, with 0 commission, 0% interest and no hidden fees. 

Why should you consider Rain?  

Show your workers your care. Rain offers a solution for employees to turn their earned wages into cash  when they need it. 


What's in it for You?


Employees taking more shifts and being on time more
68.3% ready to give more


More likely to refer you!
77.5% more likely to refer you as a good employer 


89.9% more satisfied employees


78.5% less stressed employees

What makes Rain different from similar products on the market? 

  • Seamless integration with Smartlinx.
  • There is no technical implementation required from employers.
  • No changes to current payroll systems. 
  • No cost for employer.
  • No reconciliation with payroll. 
  • Bank agnostic .