Stop viruses at the door.

A time clock built for post-acute care and senior living.

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See SLATE in action

The new SmartLinx Advanced Timeclock for Employees (SLATE) combines industry-leading touchless technology with our award-winning workforce management suite. 

  • Thermal sensor detects fevers and blocks sick employees from punching-in
  • Punch process is 6x faster than standard time clocks
  • Sleek, wi-fi enabled design can easily be installed anywhere 

Find out how SLATE can make your facility more efficient, accurate, and safe by requesting a demo today. 

Safeguard your residents and employees with touchless time clock technology. 

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Innovative & Engaging

Wi-fi enabled, with a 10-inch touch screen SLATE can be placed anywhere and provides an interactive user-friendly experience.

SmartLinx_Labor Cost Reduction

Reduces Labor Costs

Unique mobile QR code and award-winning attendance software streamlines the punch process, prevents "buddy punches," and enforces attendance policies.

SmartLinx_Applicant Tracker

Safe & Secure

State-of-the-art thermal sensors detect fevers and block access to sick employees, helping to stop the spread of the viruses in your facility. 


Accurate & Compliant

Seamlessly integrates with our workforce management suite, provides supervisor punch review, and makes PBJ reporting easy. 

"SLATE empowers LTC facilities with the workforce management capabilities they need to deliver high-quality care to residents and employees."

Marina Aslanyan
CEO, SmartLinx