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d11b20d0-calendar_102s02s000000000000028Inefficient scheduling can wreak havoc on your workflow—not to mention your bottom line. Schedule Optimizer makes sure the right people are in the right place at the right time, every time.


eb96b575-payroll_102u02u02s02u001000028With Schedule Optimizer, you can create schedules that can adapt in real-time to your changing needs — all with a few clicks. Mobile access and automated features make it easy to find replacements, and ensure you’re always properly staffed and compliant.

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Scheduling Software Built for a Skilled Workforce

  • Automatically adjust nurse scheduling to resident acuity and other thresholds
  • Predict and correct overruns and overtime before they happen
  • Notify eligible employees of open shifts and fill call-outs via mobile
  • Add agencies and manage employee's multiple positions and pay rates


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SmartLinx's Schedule Optimizer - Generate Smart Schedules in Seconds


SmartLinx's Schedule Optimizer uses Time and Attendance Tracking to generate smart schedules that prevent overruns before they happen. 

Our all-in-one employee scheduling software platform generates reports in minutes and frees you from hours of work completing manual calculations. Using the Schedule Optimizer on your computer or phone, you can adapt employee schedules to meet your facility's current needs and keep your shifts fully staffed. At SmartLinx, we help you plan, engage, optimize and track staffing.

Beyond utilizing its smart scheduling capabilities, you can run the SmartLinx Schedule Optimizer to analyze management and predict employee performance. We provide you with actionable insights to improve your staff's productivity. With SmartLinx, you can view your staff's schedules and ensure you're using each employee to the best of their abilities. 

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When you need to complete payroll, our staff schedule maker organizes and displays your auditable records for easy, secure financial planning. Our nurse scheduling software then produces submission-ready, Payroll-Based Journal reports

With intuitive, user-friendly interfaces, SmartLinx's scheduling solutions are compatible with various mobile devices. Your staff will love the opportunity to easily swap shifts and manage their schedule from their employee schedule app. When their time clock is slightly off and they need to add or subtract time, your staff can correct their own timecards through SmartLinx Go. Save precious minutes and improve your staff's quality of life with our mobile shift management app.

Reduce your employee management and labor costs by investing in the innovative SmartLinx Schedule Optimizer for skilled nursing facilities today. 

Tailor Staff Schedules Based on Abilities and Needs


SmartLinx connects every employee and schedule to actual time and attendance on a unified platform, giving you trusted staffing insights in real time to help you deliver the highest quality care at the lowest possible cost for every shift and facility.

SmartLinx_Time & Schedule

Optimize staffing to quality and efficiency

Using real-time integrated scheduling & attendance tracking to adapt to changing staffing needs & regulatory demands, and prevent cost overruns & compliance issues.

SmartLinx_Business Analytics

Predict Five-Star score and preempt staffing issues

Through machine learning and real-time integrated scheduling & attendance tracking to remediate nurse staffing issues and achieve target CMS rating.

SmartLinx_Payroll-based Journal

Submit accurate, audit-ready Payroll-Based Journal (PBJ)

With automated collection and classification of all CMS (including ACA)-required staffing information and real-time integrated time & attendance to fully comply and advert penalties.


Catered Scheduling Solutions for Post-Acute Care Facilities

At SmartLinx Solutions, we've developed nurse scheduling software built for post-acute care facilities and their unique needs. See how SmartLinx can help increase productivity and reduce cost with our single, easy-to-use solutions suite

"SmartLinx definitely enhances our ability to do predictive scheduling, which helps us better care for residents."


Barbara Dimercurio
Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer at Trilogy