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Simplify the way you schedule nurses and handle open shifts while reducing costs.

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What is SmartLinx?

SmartLinx is the leading workforce management platform purpose-built for the long-term care, post-acute care, senior care, and behavioral health industries.

Reduce overtime and increase efficiency by connecting real-time data and processes across multiple facilities so you can visualize staffing, control labor costs, predict Five-Star Ratings, and deliver quality care, all from one platform.

The powerful mobile app empowers your employees to swap shifts on-the-go and ensures you're always properly staffed and compliant.

Best For

SmartLinx provides workforce management solutions to companies in long-term care, post-acute care, senior care, and healthcare with 150-5,000+ employees.

Workforce Management Built for Skilled Nursing Facilities

  • Automatically adjust scheduling to resident acuity and other thresholds
  • Predict and correct overruns and overtime before they happen
  • Notify eligible employees of open shifts and fill call-outs via mobile
  • Add agencies and manage employee's multiple positions and pay rates
See how Trilogy Health Services uses SmartLinx and predictive staffing to deliver quality care.

Modernize your workforce management system

SmartLinx connects every employee and schedule to actual time and attendance on a unified platform, giving you trusted staffing insights in real time to help you deliver the highest quality care at the lowest possible cost for every shift and facility.

Our Workforce Management Solutions Suite

Schedule Optimizer

Inefficient scheduling can wreak havoc on your workflow—not to mention your bottom line. Schedule Optimizer makes sure the right people are in the right place at the right time, every time.

SmartLinx Go - Mobile Employee App

SmartLinx Go puts real-time scheduling, pay, and personal data at employee fingertips any time or place, freeing them up to focus on what matters—your residents. Employees receive immediate notifications of available open shifts, new schedules, scheduling changes, time-off request approvals, and more delivered in their chosen communication method (text, email, push notification, or in-app notification.)

Time & Attendance

Get an up-to-the-minute view of every punch in, punch out, absence, and overtime for all employees. Empower employees to correct their own punches and approve those requests with a click.

Payroll-Based Journal Reporting

No more scrambling to accumulate PBJ data. SmartLinx automatically collects and classifies your employee data per CMS regulations—including tricky stuff like overnight shifts or contractor hours—so it’s accurate and audit-ready at the click of a button.

Spotlight - Workforce Analytics & Five-Star Prediction

Without accurate data, the big picture is out of focus. SmartLinx Spotlight makes it easy to see how your business is running across your workforce — in real-time, not days or weeks.

Optimize staffing to quality and efficiency

Using real-time integrated scheduling & attendance tracking to adapt to changing staffing needs and regulatory demands and prevent cost overruns and compliance issues.

Predict Five-Star score and preempt staffing issues

Through machine learning and real-time integrated scheduling & attendance tracking to remediate nurse staffing issues and achieve target CMS rating.

Submit accurate, audit-ready Payroll-Based Journal (PBJ)

With automated collection and classification of all CMS (including ACA)-required staffing information and real-time integrated time & attendance to fully comply and advert penalties.