The CEO Playbook: How to Deliver Quality Care at Lower Cost

2021 edition

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Take control of your operating margins in 2021.

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Providers have long struggled with balancing quality care with lower cost, and if anything good has come of the COVID-19 experience—it's accelerating the industry's focus on finding more efficient ways to solve for it. 

From new insights, to fresh approaches, and advances in automation and predictive analytics, 2021 is the year to ensure your organization is ahead of the curve.

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  • The impact of COVID-19 on industry operating margins, and what experts say is the key to long-term sustainability

  • The one thing 75% of facilities aren’t doing that will instantly optimize your facility

  • How to leverage the latest technology to focus operations on strategies that will impact your bottom line this year


Modernize your workforce management system

SmartLinx_Track Time

Optimize staffing to quality and efficiency

Using real-time integrated scheduling & attendance tracking to adapt to changing staffing needs and regulatory demands and prevent cost overruns and compliance issues.

SmartLinx_Business Analytics

Predict Five-Star score and preempt staffing issues

Through machine learning and real-time integrated scheduling & attendance tracking to remediate nurse staffing issues and achieve target CMS rating.

SmartLinx_Payroll-based Journal

Submit accurate, audit-ready Payroll-Based Journal (PBJ)

With automated collection and classification of all CMS (including ACA)-required staffing information and real-time integrated time & attendance to fully comply and advert penalties.


Run a better operation

SmartLinx solves the pain of staffing and compliance and empowers your teams to become workforce management champions while giving you the peace of mind of knowing your teams are focusing on what matters most.

"With a number of disparate existing systems and Payroll-Based Journal reporting deadlines approaching quickly, we really needed to re-think our approach to workforce management. With SmartLinx, we reduced overtime costs 25% in three months."

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