Workforce Management Software for Assisted Living

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Delivering quality senior care at lower cost is challenging. SmartLinx delivers staffing insights in real time to help you deliver the highest quality care at the lowest possible cost for every shift.

Modernize your workforce management system

SmartLinx helps solve the pain of staffing and empowers your team to become workforce management champions, all while allowing your team to focus on what matters most.


Schedule Optimizer

Schedule Optimizer makes sure the right people are in the right place at the right time, every time.


Employee Engagement

Access tools to develop a more connected, communicative, and empowered workforce to combat turnover and promote retention.


Mobile Shift Management

Employees receive notifications of available open shifts, new schedules, scheduling changes, and more direct to their mobile device!


Reduced Labor Costs

Use real-time data to predict overtime, and course correct to prevent it. Spot and eliminate unplanned overtime before it happens.

What our customers think:

"We are very pleased with both the SmartLinx scheduling and time & attendance systems. SmartLinx Schedule Optimizer is able to accommodate us with daily complex scheduling needs in our skilled nursing facility setting."

Penny Hefferon
CEO, Iroquois Nursing Home