Assisted Living Employee Management Software

Comprehensive assisted living software for scheduling, staffing, and shift management.

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The Complete Workforce Management System for Assisted Living Facilities

  • Instantly know true staffing gaps and generate optimal employee schedules
  • Empower employees to fill open shifts any time, any where
  • Predict Five-Star CMS rating and proactively uncover staffing issues
  • Automatically generate audit-ready Payroll-Based Journal reports


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All-in-One Workforce Management Solution for Assisted Living


When you're managing assisted living requirements, you must navigate multiple demands at once, from compliance and employee scheduling to optimal resident care. Assisted living management software is your key to meeting your operational needs and optimizing your workflow to provide the best possible services for your residents. With our all-in-one senior living software solution, you can get features that integrate seamlessly to create a system for your requirements.

Accessible Scheduling and Employee Engagement

Every time you schedule employees, SmartLinx's Schedule Optimizer can make the process simpler for you, by generating schedules in seconds, saving you from complex calculations and logistical considerations and by providing real-time data for management. You can also keep employees up to date on open shifts and help them track their hours. 

With full visibility into scheduling and the tools for efficient communications with your employees, you can engage and help motivate them to continue reaching their potential on the job. They can submit time-off requests, correct small time clock errors and view open shifts conveniently with a mobile platform to place the data they need at their fingertips.

Optimized Reporting and Analytics

SmartLinx's assisted living software allows you to fully comply with industry standards and regulations. Instead of spending hours collecting complex data for everything from agency and staff hours to overnight shifts, you can use the software to gather the data for you in an automated process. You'll get fast, accurate reports to make Payroll-Based Journal (PBJ) reporting and Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliance fast and painless.

Our comprehensive solutions offer the opportunity to make multiple steps in your workflow simpler and more efficient.

SmartLinx connects every employee and schedule to actual time and attendance on a unified platform, giving you trusted staffing insights in real-time to help you deliver the highest quality care at the lowest possible cost for every shift and assisted living facility.

Optimize staffing to quality and efficiency

Optimize staffing to quality and efficiency

Using real-time integrated scheduling & attendance tracking to adapt to changing staffing needs and regulatory demands and prevent cost overruns and compliance issues.

Predict Five-Star score and preempt staffing issues

Predict Five-Star score and preempt staffing issues

Through machine learning and real-time integrated scheduling & attendance tracking to remediate nurse staffing issues and achieve target CMS rating.

Submit accurate, audit-ready Payroll-Based Journal (PBJ)

Submit accurate, audit-ready Payroll-Based Journal (PBJ)

With automated collection and classification of all CMS (including ACA)-required staffing information and real-time integrated time & attendance to fully comply and advert penalties.


Built Specifically for You and Your Assisted Living Team

As thought leaders and advisors in senior care, we make meeting future challenges head on a priority. That means we continue developing solutions to address what’s next for Assisted Living providers and are commited to providing you with the support and insight you need to navigate future issues. Our goal is to help you keep your focus on providing your residents with quality care by handling the details of running the business.

From scheduling 3-shift days, to automating reporting, it’s all easier with SmartLinx

“With a number of disparate existing systems and Payroll-Based Journal reporting deadlines approaching quickly, we really needed to re-think our approach to workforce management.”


Elizabeth Cogavin